Volex plc is a leading global supplier of power cords and cable assembly solutions.

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The Volex Story

Volex has faced a number of challenges over the previous few years and as a result their Executive Chairman has taken them in a new direction. In order to ensure that Volex’s investors and stakeholders are aware of the new strategic direction, this year's report needed to follow last year’s example in clarity and transparency of the messaging.

Our Approach

To start off this year’s annual report, our Think team provided a best practice review of Volex’s 2016 report to establish where the document could be improved further. In doing this, they were then able to complete a wireframe which detailed where content would be to ensure that the structure of the document was clear and effective.

The wireframe resulted in a number of changes, one of which was the Executive Chairman’s statement which now appears after an overview of the company and is more detailed than the previous year.

Another change that resulted from the review was the need to streamline the business model and expand upon it where appropriate. The new business model clearly shows a top level description of the company’s operations and then links to further pages where more in-depth information can be found. This new business model was also redesigned so it was more aesthetically pleasing and drew upon the work of the company for inspiration.

As the company has faced some challenging years, it was important to ensure that stakeholders were provided with clear information about their recovery strategy and moving forward. Having referenced the 2016 recovery strategy, the report simply included a “What we did” sub-heading so readers could understand the developments made. This was followed by a long term strategic plan so readers could understand the plans moving forward.

Overall, the final report provided a detailed insight into the company’s activities over the past year along with a sleek and refreshed design for the report as a whole.