"I was very impressed with Jp throughout the whole process!"

we think.

For this year’s Annual Report Volex wanted to address their performance issues whilst showcasing their plans and hope for the future.

A full review of their previous report was undertaken to look at areas for improvements and once the main goals for this year’s report were agreed upon, a full wireframe document was created that looked to add a flow to the document. This helped readers to go through and understand the company in more depth while creating a clear narrative structure.

Several key features were introduced to the report including a more focused strategy page, a business model that clearly shows how the company adds value, a marketplace section that looks at trends and how they impact the market and a restructured ‘About Volex’ page.

The report also begins with a cover letter from the Executive Chairman and later on in the report a large case study is placed in order to show the company’s capabilities, while also linking to their strategy.

we design.

The design of the report was significantly updated from previous years. An illustrative contents page was introduced to make signposting more engaging and key brand aspects that were developed for other channels were incorporated into the document.

Several new infographics were introduced into the report including one for the Risk section and one for the Governance section which helped to show the Board’s delegation to committees. To further develop this design the use of pull quotes and photography before the introduction to each committee report helped to make them more personal and engaging.

we publish.

The printed report created a strong cohesive document that helped to showcase the position of the company, where they have come from and their hopes and plans for the future. It provides strong navigation to key content areas and is an evolution of the previous year's report.