Our values

We live our values of being insightful, honest, courageous and supportive, with every project, for every client.


We’re constantly learning in order to build our understanding and provide clarity.


We are responsive, we ask questions and look to understand the bigger picture, striving for continuous improvement.


Our purpose and culture is integrated into every working day, we believe in open discussions and feel our team is our greatest asset.


We believe in planning, visibility and discussions to ensure that our team makes the best decisions for their work life balance and wellbeing.

Our team

James Houston

Managing Director

Steven Tolley


Stephen O'Brien

Manufacturing Director

Jim Robinson

Director of Corporate Messaging and Investor Relations

Heidi Hill

Director of HR

Ian Houston


Mike Hill

Systems and IT Manager

Helen Plant

Creative Director

Sarah Evans

Studio Manager

Alex Solek

Software Engineering Manager

Will Morgan-Harrold

Director of Consultancy

Nick Christopher

Commercial Director

Faye Lynch

Deputy Head of Client Services

Daniel McDaid

Senior Communications Consultant

Bill Krarup

Senior Communications Consultant

Natalie Tiernan

Marketing Manager

Conrad Cooke

Internal Sales Manager

Careers at Jones and Palmer

We invest in nurturing talent aligned with our culture at Jones and Palmer.