Volex is a leading integrated manufacturing specialist for performance-critical applications, and supplier of power products.

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Industrial Goods and Services
Electronic and Electrical Equipment

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Graphic Design
Printed Annual Report


This year marks the 100th year of Volex’s listing. It was important that this key milestone was communicated throughout the report, showcasing their story and achievements.

They recently updated their visual identity that supports their culture and brings their story to life. It was important that this was featured across the entire annual report but also aligned with other methods of communication, such as their corporate website as it was important that the identity was maintained and consistent across all mediums.


To showcase their milestone achievement, two dedicated spreads were designed, containing a timeline of Volex’s history, and key details of their achievements and the growth of the company. The timeline outlines the key milestones for the company and how this supports them in delivering long-term value.

Throughout the annual report, case studies and key design aspects further highlight their 100-year achievement by showcasing a stamp on divider pages and communicating aspects that have contributed to their growth.

The brand is brought to life throughout the annual report using iconography, imagery, and infographics, to show key design elements. Their culture is presented using case studies, which helps to bring the nature of who they are and what they stand for, to the forefront.

The business model section has been designed to showcase the long-term value that they generate for each stakeholder group.


The end result is a well-designed, well-structured printed report that showcases who Volex are, what they stand for, and how important their business is to the industry in which they operate.

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