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The Challenge

YouGov is an international online research data and analytics technology group. Their innovative solutions help the world’s most recognised brands, media owners and government agencies to explore, plan, activate and track their marketing activities better. With operations in the UK, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, India and Asia Pacific, they have one of the world’s largest research networks. 

YouGov wanted to deliver an integrated and effective picture of the company with clear, concise messaging and compelling visuals, illustrating their core values. They also wanted to combine ESG and annual report content more seamlessly in one document. 

Our approach

Despite challenging market conditions, YouGov produced another market-beating performance, which is testament to the resilience and strength of their business model. We wanted to enhance the communication around the business model to give more information about what YouGov do, their competitive advantages, and how ESG is embedded in their business model. Using our detailed wireframing approach, we produced a business model for YouGov that centres around their operating model and goes into detail about the importance of the living date element of their business model. 

2023 was a period of significant change for the YouGov Board with the CEO and founder, Stephan Shakespeare, becoming Chair and Steve Hatch becoming Chief Executive Officer. Jones and Palmer recommended that YouGov introduce a timeline to show how the business has evolved during Stephan’s tenure and how it will continue to evolve. We also introduced a Q&A between Stephan and Steve to show the succession in the role and how the two will work together in the future. 

Creatively, the report used a mixture of photography and digital elements to give a more future-focused client-centric feel. 

The outcome

YouGov reinforced its position as a leader in the market research industry, evidenced by the #1 ranking as the most-quoted market research source, globally. The strategic narrative around its ESG commitments and alignment with UN SDGs fostered deeper stakeholder engagement, enhancing YouGov's corporate reputation and commitment to societal impact.

The report played a critical role in articulating YouGov’s value proposition, strategic direction and financial health, now and into the future.