Futura Medical is a pharmaceutical company developing a portfolio of innovative products based on its proprietary, transdermal DermaSys® technology. Its portfolio of treatments ranges from erectile dysfunction to pain relief.


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Futura Medical’s corporate brand had been merged into a product brand, whereby the company was known for only one product in particular. When this product was not commercialised, an assumption was made that this product was unsuccessful, and the rest of their innovative pipeline was ignored. The challenge was to change this perception and showcase their entire pipeline.

It was also important to communicate their long-term strategy in developing their portfolio, to enable them to partner with other companies.

As a result of these changes, there also needed to be some developments on their main website, considering that this is the key brand touchpoint for all stakeholders inclusive of investors, potential investors, partners, potential partners and users of their products. All of these stakeholders have different focuses and levels of understanding on technical elements and so it was important that the website accommodated this.


The first step in achieving an effective website was to identify the stakeholders who regularly visit and understand what information they are looking to find. This enabled the development of user journeys, ensuring that this information was accessible and that users remained on the site for a long period of time. Some pages, such as the homepage, needed to be relevant to multiple stakeholders and therefore it was important to gain a medium ground.

The website now focuses on the progress of the portfolio, ensuring that all stakeholders understand the breadth of their research and development. The functionality across the website is seamless and brings all key aspects, such as their proposition, purpose, and operations to life, showcasing their innovative nature.

Futura Medical Corporate Website on all devices


The overall website showcases Futura Medical’s new and updated brand effectively and is clear and concise. The website has met the needs of all stakeholders which has been evidenced by the analytics tracking a host of traffic over the previous two years.

Analytics allows us to monitor the progress and effectiveness and ensure improvements are consistently made.

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