Cambridge Innovation Capital

Project outputs

Printed annual report, Corporate Website, Investor Presentation


  • Consultancy

  • Creative

  • Brand development

  • Brand strategy

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The challenge

The CIC branding project looked to develop a brand strategy and identity that would allow for the company’s brand to evolve and represent its new ambitions and leadership team without losing the association of a key and unique partner, Cambridge University.

Our approach

In order to develop the brand, we facilitated multiple workshops, ensuring a coherent brand strategy was defined, articulated and agreed upon by all business partners. 

This resulted in a unique challenge where we developed and modernised CIC’s brand without losing the association of Cambridge University. The brand identity leveraged bold colours, the carat from their logo, along with powerful visuals, to enhance the exciting developments and opportunities from CIC’s expertise and investment.

The outcome

The result is a strong brand that highlights CIC’s exciting development and continuing story while retaining its close association with the University of Cambridge.

Our work included: 

  • Brand style guide including restated purpose, vision, mission and values
  • Website
  • Social media templates
  • Annual report
  • Investor presentations
  • Internal PowerPoint templates
  • Head Office stationery