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The challenge

Industrials REIT undertook a rebrand in the Summer of 2021, which led to a change in its identity from Stenprop to Industrials REIT. 

They defined their purpose, bottled their brand characteristics, behavioural traits, and personality. With this, it was important that all of their communications platforms were updated and refreshed to reflect the new brand. They wanted to ensure that this move bolstered their proposition and leadership within the UK Multi-Let Industrial space.

Firstly, the corporate website needed to encompass the new style, bring a sense of maturity to their brand and take the reader on a journey – communicating their purpose, vision, mission, their values, and ultimately showcase the last 25+ years.

The 2022 Annual Report was to be the first that joined this together and presented all aspects. One main goal was to ensure that their integrated thinking was very much the foundation of the business, whilst providing a clear understanding of who they are and their future growth opportunities.

Both of these touchpoints needed to be a strong representation of their new brand, whilst also meeting best practice in terms of reporting requirements.

Our approach

It was important that both of these touchpoints defined and communicated clearly what this move entailed in order to provide clarity to all of their stakeholders.

The way in which the website is structured is different to every other REIT. Industrials wanted to ensure that they followed best practice and compliance, yet had their own slant on how they presented key information. They wanted the website to be more than just a brand/company brochure and instead wanted to communicate their story.

The annual report followed the theme of ‘The Power of Space’ which has driven the understanding of their brand and proposition. This was the ‘golden thread’ that was to weave throughout the report and join many of the sections and stories together. There are 4 main components that surround the unlocking of this theme which are each linked to 4 strategic pillars.

The report presents the company in detail, describing their operating company, the make up of their estate and then detailing the characteristics of the MLI sector. This is then supported with key statistics and facts that allow the reader to see the resilience of the business. Further on from this is the marketplace section, which then presents their competitive environment, looking into industry trends and third part data to give the reader a well-rounded understanding of Industrial REIT’s position.

The outcome

All aspects of this project successfully showcase Industrials REIT’s new brand, both in the design elements, right through to their core attributes.

Both the website and the annual report present a true representation of the company and their opportunities, presenting an exciting read for all.