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The challenge

Headlam is the UK’s leading floor covering distributor and has been operating for over 30 years. While the company is proud of its long heritage and market-leading position, they want to use their operational strength to take advantage of market opportunities.

Their story is evolving as they focus on their strengths and how they deliver growth and success in the future. After reshaping their purpose, vision and values, they have set new ambitions for growth alongside a revised strategy on how to achieve them. This project looked to show how reshaping their story showcases their market-leading expertise and the value they deliver for their customers, suppliers, business partners and communities. 

Our approach

The 2022 Annual Report was the first opportunity for Headlam to communicate its new direction to the market, as well as launch their new brand identity. The goal of this year’s report was to position Headlam as the leading, most trusted expert in flooring, and its new vision, to the market. 

The structure and narrative flow of the report needed a rethink to give significant opportunity for new content within the report to be delivered successfully for different audience types. There needed to be a clear focus on the market opportunity and strategy to help Headlam achieve its ambitions, while also demonstrating the significant progress made during the year. 

The report also needed to demonstrate Headlam's commitment to its key stakeholders – particularly its people – as well as the sustainability of the business now and in the future. 

The outcome

There have been many new and exciting developments for Headlam this year and the annual report captures them all. It delivers content for the skim reader and the deep diver, and it is easy to see how Headlam is making progress throughout the year.