Your brand is more than just a visual representation. It underpins everything that you do.

By aligning your culture, purpose and strategy, you are able to drive change, make key decisions and develop a unified approach to communications.

We can support you with our six branding products, to understand where your company is now, and whether your brand image is a true reflection of your beliefs.

  • Research

    A good place to start is at the beginning: understand what is in place currently and how it is working. We focus on gathering opinions and perceptions from staff members and analyse your current structure and communications. Deciding whether these are aligned or disjointed will reveal the necessary steps for your brand moving forward.
  • Strategy

    Taking the key aspects of the research, we can then develop your brand strategy. It’s important to start with your purpose, mission and vision to develop the principles of your culture; the core of your business.

    Working collaboratively will allow the development of a strategy that suits your business and the direction in which you are heading. Whether this is smaller, key communication changes, or a whole new brand name and structure, we can help to define what this is.

    We will also compare the results to your competitors to ensure that these new developments are unique and stand out from the crowd.

  • Creative

    This is the area in which you would expect to be included within a branding process. But the results are more prescriptive and based on reasoning, giving key design choices justification.

    Creative ideas will be generated, with a range of options, to enable you to find the best fit. This could be inclusive of new logo designs, colour suggestions and mock-ups. With the decision of this made, final concepts can be crafted, providing you with a holistic view of the design.

  • Roll-out

    Bringing your brand to life. Anything your brand touches will be included here. We can supply you with a brand guidelines document to ensure that anyone who touches your brand, knows exactly what your brand represents.

    Your brand is included in every aspect of your corporate communications – your annual report and website ­– and will need updating. Any outputs that need your branding can be developed within the roll-out. We can support you with producing key stationery items, such as letterheads and notepads, as well.

  • Launch

    Ensuring that behaviours and values are embedded effectively into your business can be done using an engaging format: an event. This can be developed into your company-wide conferences and would consist primarily of brand themed exercises.

  • Partnership

    The partnership between you and our team doesn’t have to end there. Continuous reviews can be conducted to ensure that your brand values and executions have been maintained and are consistent.

    You can also lean on us to support any campaigns and external pieces that you may need a helping hand with.


You don't have to take all six products – they work independently of each other – but the initial research will aid you in understanding how best to take the next necessary steps. 

If you’d like to get the process started and ensure that you are heading in the right direction, get in touch with our JP Brand team.