When potential stakeholders need more information about who you are, what you stand for and why they should invest, they will utilise all available information.

Your corporate reporting needs to be seen as an opportunity to communicate directly with stakeholders, not just as a compliance exercise.

Our process involves close collaboration between consultancy and creative, and looks to clarify your identity, while elevating your story to a range of stakeholders. We do this through our integrated approach to all our projects.

  • Review and assess

    From the beginning of the process, our consultants look to define your story, key messaging and investment proposition and how these can be effectively communicated in the Annual Report. We can shape the narrative of the company in both the Strategic Report and Governance. We keep up to date with the latest changes in compliance and can work with you to communicate required disclosures in an engaging way.
  • Wireframe

    One of the key assets in any corporate reporting project is the wireframe. A wireframe is a document that acts as a blueprint for the Annual Report, and maps out where content is placed. A wireframe serves multiple purposes:
    1. It assists the content writers in creating the Annual Report, as they have guidance on what content needs to be generated. In the case of multiple writers, it reduces repetition and ensures a joined up, cohesive story is told throughout.
    2. It allows a clear agreement between the client and Jones and Palmer over the content, layout and pagination, ensuring a smooth process for the project.
    3. It provides a solid basis for our Creatives to generate designs.
  • Creativity

    Bringing your messaging to life through insight and creativity, we gain an understanding of your investment proposition so we can elevate your messaging creatively. Our ultimate goal is to frame the content, amplify your brand, and make your business understandable.
  • Document build and edit

    Following wireframe and design approval, the next stage is creating the shell document. This allows for the various teams to see the overall look and feel of the document, and highlights to multiple authors how their content fits within the overall narrative. We have a number of options available to make it easier to edit your content. Depending on the number of content authors, timescales and appetite, you can consider:
    1. Collaborative mark-up tools
    2. Easy to use self-edit systems
    Whichever route you prefer, you can be assured that the project will, at all times, be housed in our secure project portal.
  • Quality

    The team will set up regular reviews with various departments to assess the progress of your project: our consultants review your document to ensure clarity of messaging; our creatives review the designs; our studio reviews each proof stage; and our readers carry out full reads throughout the project. We will provide you with regular updates to see the progression of the report.
  • Publication

    Whether you are looking to create a printed document, a full HTML report or a hybrid online year in review, the facilities and expertise are available in-house to fit the needs of your company and your shareholders.

Gaining a solid understanding of your company allows us to create designs with meaning and an increasingly accessible user experience. To find out more about how we can help, get in touch.