It is now more important than ever to develop your ESG strategy and communicate your sustainability proposition in a meaningful way.

Amidst the ever-growing risks of not considering the wider ESG mandate, many overlook the opportunities this affords companies in the continuous struggle for access to the best talent, partners, customers … the list goes on. For many, the hardest question to answer is ‘where do I start?’.

Our process is rigorous, easy to follow, and focuses on the quality of the inputs, so the reporting outputs are meaningful, in line with our purpose of making business understandable. Our offering is simple, clear, and provides options for you to choose based on your needs.

  • Peer review

    We undertake a review of your external environment, assess your communications as a whole and compare this to your peers. Utilising this valuable information can identify where, with a strong sustainability proposition, you are able to gain competitive advantage. It also provides clear direction, highlighting areas to learn from and avoid, from within your peer group.
  • Materiality

    Put simply: what matters most to your organisation and your stakeholders? We agree on the list of stakeholders most important to your organisation and survey their views on the issues facing your company and industry, to understand which are most important to them. Running the same process with you provides clarity on the issues that matter most to you and your stakeholders.
  • Strategy

    Using those material issues, we then develop your sustainability strategy, focused on the key areas you want to positively work towards. This strategy can work in relation to your corporate strategy in the following ways:

    Integrated – one strategy including the sustainability mandate

    Infused – a separate sustainability strategy with elements of sustainability included within the corporate strategy

    Independent strategy

  • Frameworks and metrics

    Many try and start at this stage on the journey, but with so many frameworks to choose from, each with their own agenda and focus, we believe that the selection of frameworks and metrics should be led by the aims and objectives of your sustainability strategy. It is. therefore. more meaningful to report on frameworks that align with your strategy. We could also start with principle-based frameworks, such as the UN SDGs and TCFD.
  • Reporting

    Once we have established your strategy, relevant frameworks and metrics, we look at the best way to maximise the impact of your reporting beyond just the annual report. We consult with you on the best way to structure and display this on your website, in addition to wider stakeholder communications such as the creation of a separate ESG report.
  • Maintenance

    Continuing to monitor your progress and develop your strategy year-on-year will strengthen your sustainability proposition for the long term. Things change, however, and the issues most material now may not be the same in the future. We can re-evaluate at intervals to ensure your strategy is aligned and fit for purpose.

Whether you are looking to run the process as a whole or just part of it, we can build our offering around your specific requirements. For more information, get in touch.