We’re passionate about all things digital.

With the ability to house rich content, such as video and photography, and communicate key messages over many different devices, it’s important to take the time to look at creating seamless user experiences while using analytics to test and improve, ensuring your website serves stakeholders' needs at all times.

Our process looks at how you can take compliance reporting requirements and make them truly accessible and engaging communications platforms.

  • Core messaging and strategy

    When looking at your corporate communications as a whole, you need to understand the key messages you wish to communicate with your stakeholders over your annual calendar of events. Understanding your goals and where your stakeholders tend to read these messages can help build a complete picture around what the focus of your corporate website should be. This also helps to clarify what areas of messaging need to be elevated through design and functionality.
  • User journeys and analytics

    Analytics data provides invaluable insights into the journeys your stakeholders take through your digital platforms. Understanding what information is important to users, any blockages in the journey, or unexpected drop off points, can all contribute towards a continuously improving website that serves the needs of your users.
  • Online reporting

    While there is still an appetite for downloadable PDFs to be used for online annual reports, we believe that where the true engagement lies is in more interactive, portable formats. By that, we mean taking the time to understand your stakeholders can highlight areas of focus that can be elevated through year in reviews or full HTML annual reports.
  • Corporate websites

    Your website really is the go-to place for information. It houses reports, key details such as your strategy, operations and history, as well as announcements, and is a window into your brand, culture and purpose. It is not only a touchpoint for investors to look at reports and updates, but can also be used to house rich content such as videos and photography. These help to showcase your culture and values, allowing you to paint a fuller picture of your business.

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