Your Annual Report should be seen as an opportunity to communicate with your stakeholders.

It is at the core of your annual investor communications and provides your stakeholders with a review of performance but also an opportunity for you to be transparent and create a level of clarity on how you will move forward in the long term.

With the new UK Corporate Governance Code adding in new provisions around culture, your report should show how you align purpose, strategy and values after the Financial Reporting Council’s culture report demonstrated the importance of this for long-term success.

Among other things your report has to be cohesive, it has to tell a clear story and highlight key information. Be it in print or online, your content has to be accessible and your investment proposition clear.

With our consultancy-led services all in house, we are best placed to help you achieve a cohesive story that makes your business understandable. For more information, talk to a member of our team or look at some of our recent case studies.

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