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The challenge

AO are an online retailer, specialising in small and large domestic appliances and electricals. 

The company is a distributor in the retail market and are driven by their ecosystem of capabilities, efforts to invest bravely and the culture to treat every customer as if they are their Gran.

Our approach

The goal for the report was to make the business understandable. This involved taking the annual report and constructing their story, highlighting key areas that would allow for external stakeholders to understand their investment proposition. 

Collaboration took place with multiple internal stakeholders at AO to create and communicate their business model, explaining how the customer is always at the centre of their operations and showcasing the different routes that the business takes to help achieve its mission. 

Finally, and somewhat most importantly, the AO’s story is communicated, bringing details around their culture and how they do what they do. This was done through the opening culture piece and by bringing forward the resources and relationships that allow them to uphold their ecosystem of capabilities. The story also better captures the customer and how they are always at the centre of the business, through pull-out customer quotes, imagery, and key statistics to back this up. 

The outcome

As a growing company, it was ever more important to have a coherent, understandable annual report, that includes a clear story, business model and strategy.

AO communicated key elements of the annual report, showcasing their customer-focused story and culture, aligning the report to the business and ultimately, making it understandable for all stakeholders. AO achieved this with the use of infographics, defined sections, signposting, interconnectivity and creativity. Deep divers are still able to access all the information that they may require, but it is very easy for all stakeholders, including those top skimmers, to pick up the AO annual report and now understand their story.