Superdry is a globally recognised brand. They create the clothes, their customers create the stories.

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In a year of change it was important to ensure consistent content across all communications. With a new strategy, newly implemented values and a change in leadership, both the Annual Report and the corporate website had to be clear and accessible.


Alongside understanding what content would be included within the report, particular care was also taken to ensure the location within the document was suitable to showcase Superdry’s four strategic pillars effectively. The investment case was made more prominent and the values were presented in an innovative brand aligned way, with an explanation of how they were developed in collaboration across the business. Details were also introduced around their Super Responsible 40 goals, a key sustainability drive to deliver by 2040: 100% organic cotton, enable 100,000 young people and 100% renewable electricity.

With the new corporate website, a key element was ensuring the brand and Superdry attitude was portrayed digitally. Key information was brought over from the Annual Report with considerations made for its medium, while new elements such as the interactive maps on Supply Chain and Company Operations ensured that the user found the information both informative and engaging.


The end result is that both the Annual Report and the corporate website reflect a cohesive message that outlines how Superdry has evolved and will continue to grow over the long term. A consistent strategy and set of values ensure that all stakeholders understand the key message and story of the business, while visually, both media reflect the Superdry brand.

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