That is the question…. 

When realising the need to reassess your current brand and its alignment, there are typically two “brand life cycle” routes to take — a rebrand or a renewal. Many people can often mistake the need to renew their brand with a complete rebrand, or vice versa. Both routes do share similar fundamentals, so we understand how it can get a bit murky.

A key fundamental for brand development, as many of you may agree, is identifying who your audiences are. This ensures your brand communication and engagement is focused, so its perception will not become diluted. Ideally your top three are identified first, providing a clear compass to which you navigate your Purpose, Vision, Values and so on. These core components are key to keep in mind, and refer to, when assessing your brand and the route you need to take. Their accuracy of alignment and engagement will help identify whether you need to rebuild from the beginning, or merely tweak and hone certain aspects.

If you are a little muddy on the differences between a REBRAND, or RENEW, then here is a quick summary to help clear the waters:


Think of it more as a reTHINK 

Your brands desired meaning or perception has changed, or will change for one of your audiences

The basic brand development building blocks may or may not still work, depending on the situation. Something wasn’t working, and the current brand did not align to the company's purpose or values.

For example: stakeholders are not aware, or are unclear of, the business’ purpose, vision and values. You need to understand why this is.

This is when you will explore:

  • What went wrong initially? 
  • What needs to be done to show the brand and business values align?

An example of a corporate rebrand is

Futura Medical

A complete rebrand, including new purpose, vision and mission statements, tone of voice, messaging, colours, logo, style and brand guidelines.


Think of this as a reFRESH 

An opportunity to do more and continually improve.

The basic brand development building blocks still work, and things are going well. There’s always room for improvement, or adaptation to new goals or external forces.

For example, your business has had to reassess the current strategic priorities due to the effects of COVID-19.

Here, you workout:

  • How to improve upon what you already have
  • There’s been a change for the business, but only slightly — how do you show this while still maintaining your original trusted brand??

A good example of a corporate brand renew is 


A revisit to the company's strategy and goals, with adjusted brand positioning and identity. A formalised brand identity, with accessible toolkits, improving global presence and messaging.

“The Global Cable, Assembly Specialists”

“The Global Cable, Assembly Specialists”

“The Global Integrated Manufacturing Specialists

“The Global Integrated Manufacturing Specialists

Now that you have the basics, it should be a little easier to identify what route you need to take to make sure your brand is representing your company and its soul as it should. Reflect, by using your building blocks, to first identify why you need either path, and second which is the right one.

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