No, I’m not talking about the promotion of a fast, blue hedgehog. I am, in fact, talking about an element of branding that only a number of companies have chosen to adopt.

Sonic Branding focuses on an audio element which is connected to a brand. This is also sometimes referred to as Sound Branding. Mostly, we notice these as jingles or tunes on a television advertisement. Here are a couple that you may already be familiar with: 


Green Giant (a sonic logo)

They can also be simple alerts to confirm actions:


Apple Pay

The fact that we recognise and remember these sounds and lyrics showcases exactly how effective sonic branding is. These sounds build upon their brand recognition, allowing the audience to recall elements of the brand, and take note right up to the point of purchase. This adds further depth to a brand’s identity. 

Businesses are currently looking to cut through a heavily saturated advertising market, searching for elements that allow them to deliver their messages effectively to their audience in a memorable way. Sound is a great way to do this. Most of us have invested in some form of smart speaker like an Amazon Alexa or Google Home, used in the regular day-to-day. Whether it is to play music whilst you’re washing up, or simply to remind yourself to add some ingredients to your shopping list. We also know that whilst we are watching regular television programmes, we all resort to looking at our mobile phones during the break. We are not solely focused on what is being advertised to us, as we are otherwise distracted. However, our subconscious still picks up on sounds in the background. So whatever platform it is being delivered to us on, we are paying more attention to sound than we necessarily realise. 

With this in mind, it is a great idea for brands to integrate this tactic into their marketing and advertising strategies. It is a great way to provide customers with recognisable touchpoints, whilst also working to humanise the brand. Giving a brand some personality and allowing customers to better connect and relate by making sure the brand is both seen and heard

One reason for the lack of adoption within the corporate world is due to the perception that sonic branding mostly fits with commercial brands. However, there is still a place for Sonic Branding in corporate communications, especially now we are moving solely into the digital world. 

Brands will benefit hugely from adding these elements to their strategy, guiding potential consumers' thought processes without them necessarily knowing. If you’d like to discuss further how to introduce sound into your brand components, please get in touch

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