In many instances, if you want to significantly improve the quality of your communication, you have to spend a significant amount of time on it. At Jones and Palmer, the goal for us has always been to remove as much of the burden and ‘heavy lifting’ from our clients as possible.

As much as we love annual reports, we are aware that you still have a day job to do! The wireframe can be a solution to some of the challenges our customers face:

  • Getting the Board to buy in and sign off ideas from an early stage
  • Needing a document to plan everything from structure to word counts.
  • Identifying authors responsible for specific content sections.


Enter the wireframe

For companies striving to achieve better communication without the expenditure in time, our wireframing service becomes a platform with which to plan the entire report, articulate the most pertinent messages, and implement a cohesive narrative. Less time is spent thinking about what needs to be written, allowing more time to focus on actually writing the content suggested.

We aim to immerse ourselves in your business over the longer term, enabling us to communicate your message with the accuracy of someone internal to your organisation. Having gained a deep understanding of your business then, and only then, are we in a position to help you articulate your key messages.

Our wireframing service encompasses the above, but we offer more. We go beyond best practice to help you to formulate your key messages, articulate your business model; communicating your strategy and investment case. For some of our clients, our detailed wireframes enable the writing of their annual report to essentially become a gap filling exercise.

That is our difference.

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