Our latest thoughts and opinions on the world of corporate communciations

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    Where to start on your journey of sustainability reporting

  • ESG-light-blue

    The importance of authenticity in sustainability reporting

    We take a look at the tell tale signs of 'greenwashing' within sustainability reporting.

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    Ensuring your brand is seen AND heard

    We discuss the concept of Sonic Branding: using catchy audio elements to add depth to your brand.

  • collaboration-green

    Culture reporting - making it meaningful

    How to effectively and meaningfully report on culture

  • ESG-light-blue

    Getting a head start on nature-related disclosure and reporting

    We look at the Taskforce for nature-related financial disclosures proposal

  • digital-dark-green

    The journey to ESEF compliance

    What do the new ESEF requirements mean for you?

  • financials-blue

    The future of corporate reporting

    We look at some of the key points raised in the consultation period of the FRC's Future of Corporate Reporting and what this could mean for reporting.

  • awards-green-new

    How useful are analytics when improving your site?

    Investigate how people use your site to ensure continuous improvement.

  • reporting-green

    A holistic approach to sustainability reporting?

    How can you navigate the complex landscape of sustainability disclosures to make meaningful reporting?

  • digital-light-blue

    Using data to improve user experience

    Understanding how your users interact with your site to provide a greater experience

  • branding-light-blue

    It starts with your employees

    We look at the importance of considering your employees when you undertake a company rebrand.

  • UX/UI-dark-green

    UX for corporate and investor websites

    How to provide a great user experience for your investor audience

  • books-dark-green

    How we approach corporate storytelling

    The importance of storytelling and how we help craft your story

  • ESG-blue

    ESG trends and benefits

    We take a look at the key trends in ESG reporting and how embedding sustainability can benefit your company

  • ideas-green

    2021 Brand Trends

    We take a look at the key corporate brand trends shaping your communications in the upcoming year.

  • branding-light-blue

    Responsible Brands in a nutshell

    What makes a truly responsible brand?

  • cogs-dark-green

    To rebrand or not to rebrand?

    When choosing to reassess your brand and its current alignment, would you go for a rebrand or a renewal? Here's how we can help you decide the best route to take. 

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    What to expect from the financial reporting landscape in 2021

    After a tumultuous year, we look at the year ahead and what it has in store for financial reporting.

  • analysis-green

    Does the sustainability framework fit?

    How to choose a sustainability framework that aligns with your company goals.

  • WFH-blue

    Do brand values really matter when working remotely?

    How can you instil brand values through your organisation while working remotely?

  • ESG-light-blue

    Why do you need a sustainability strategy?

    How to develop a sustainability strategy, different approaches to suit your needs and why it's so important.

  • reporting-green

    Embedding section 172 within the annual report

    Going beyond compliance to create a consistent narrative

  • branding-dark-green

    The importance of branding in communicating a clear message

    Why keeping your message and branding consistent can have a big impact

  • WFH-blue

    The future of business communication

    A look at not only future engagement with employees but also wider stakeholders via a new type of AGM.

  • reporting-green

    Defining what matters

    How conducting a materiality assessment can develop your sustainability proposition.

  • branding-light-blue

    Focus for reporting in the times of COVID-19

    What do investors want and need to hear from you in times of crisis?

  • cogs-green

    A move towards more integrated thinking

    We look at the proposed changes to the Integrated Reporting Framework

  • collaboration-light-blue

    Addressing gaps in diversity reporting

    We discuss how companies should extend their communications around diversity on their boards, moving from a focus on gender diversity to ethnic diversity.

  • ESG-green

    Future-proofing starts with sustainability

    Picking the best framework for your company to begin their sustainability journey

  • books-dark-green

    COVID-19 and the UK Corporate Governance Code

    What do you need to focus on in your report?

  • analysis-blue

    What is a brand?

    The benefits of getting your brand right

  • reporting-green

    Are your brands structured strategically?

    Does your brand structure fit with your current structure, purpose and goals?

  • ESG-dark-green

    The pressing need to address sustainability impacts

    Key figures in the finance industry are pushing companies to take their sustainability impacts more seriously.

  • branding-blue

    Climate-conscious reporting

    A look at the FRC Lab's report on climate-related corporate reporting

  • books-green

    UK Corporate Governance Code - a year on

    How are the FTSE 100 doing at reporting against the UK Corporate Governance Code?

  • ESG-green

    Green finance: responsibilities and opportunities

    What is green finance and why is it such a hot topic at the moment?

  • branding-light-blue

    How to communicate your competitive advantage

    Why your competitive advantage is so important and how to define it.

  • ideas-blue

    UN Sustainable Development Goals and sustainability reporting

    How to report meaningfully using the UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • ESG-light-blue

    Sustainability frameworks and material issues

    Start with the best first step for sustainability reporting and identify the material issues of your company

  • cogs-green

    The Kingman review and corporate reporting

    How could the Kingman review affect corporate reporting? 

  • branding-light-blue

    Reporting during times of uncertainty

    What is the best way to address uncertainty in your reporting.

  • reporting-blue

    A better annual report in less time. What’s not to love?

    We talk to you about how we can help to make your Annual Report process take half the time that it usually does.

  • reporting-dark-green

    Crafting a memorable business model

    Can a framework be developed to craft a memorable business model for your investors that follows best practice?

  • houses-green

    How to report on sustainability

    A look at the different ways to report on sustainability

  • ideas-light-blue

    Corporate Governance Code - QCA vs FRC

    A look at the similarities and differences between the QCA and FRC Corporate Governance Code updates.

  • branding-green

    Purpose and brand

    An unstoppable force in business.

  • ESG-blue

    Making a meaningful report

    Want to make sure you stand out in a crowd with your content? Look no further than our latest article which outlines four key points on how to keep your reporting meaningful.

  • analysis-green

    5 key Corporate Governance impacts

    We provide you with 5 key impacts that the updated UK Corporate Governance Code will have on your Annual Report.

  • ideas-green

    What does the new FRC guidance mean for you?

    What does the FRC guidance say? And how does this impact your reporting?

  • ideas-light-blue

    What does the new FRC guidance mean for your strategic report?

    What does the FRC guidance say? And how does this impact your reporting?

  • ESG-light-blue

    Disclosing corporate and social responsibility initiatives

    There is a growing appetite amongst institutional investors for disclosures on CSR. We provide you with some reasons why you should invest in CSR programmes.

  • financial-green

    Presenting the value of intangibles

    We give you an overview of our thinking on reporting on intangible assets.

  • graphs-light-blue

    Are the new AIM rules a step in the right direction?

    We give you an update on the changes to the AIM rules and what we think you should do moving forward.

  • analysis-light-blue

    AIM company’s checklist

    Use our checklist for your website to ensure that you’re complying with the updated AIM Notice 50.

  • branding-light-blue

    Getting noticed as a small cap company

    Investor relations at small-cap companies has always had its challenges. We give you our viewpoints on how we think you should tackle these challenges.

  • UX/UI-light-blue

    Responsive or left behind?

    What does it mean to have a responsive website and why is it so important?

  • graphs-blue

    What's this year looking like for IPO's?

    We take a look at the major trends in last year's IPO and establish what this year's forecast is.

  • ideas-light-blue

    Gender equality at Davos

    We give you a brief overview of Davos 2018- including one of our favourite speeches from the event - and how the topics highlighted relate heavily to your Corporate Reporting.

  • design-light-blue

    The brand name game

    We talk to you about the do's and don'ts when renaming your company.

  • branding-dark-green

    Gaining the trust of your stakeholders

    We take a look at current statistics based on trust and provide some top tips on how you can gain the trust of your stakeholders.

  • graphs-blue

    Reporting on your gender pay gap

    We take a look at the importance of improving your gender pay gap and the reasons you should report on it sooner rather than later.

  • ESG-green

    Sustainability + profit. The missed opportunity

    We discuss how and why you should articulate the link between sustainability and commercial opportunity.

  • financial-light-blue

    When the AIM is growth does effective governance matter?

    London has long been seen as a premium market for listing, with a rich list of investors with deep liquidity; but is the Aim market damaging its credibility?

  • reporting-light-blue

    Our top tips to an engaging Strategic Report

    Our top tips to create an engaging and eye-catching Strategic Report

  • ESG-dark-green

    Do well and save the world

    We provide you with some inspiring thoughts and videos to help you to improve your sustainability reporting.

  • analysis-blue

    MiFID II - a risk averse option

    We provide further information on MiFID II and how you can prepare.

  • books-blue

    Corporate storytelling - A cohesive approach to comms

    Tips and tricks to help you communicate your story.

  • reporting-blue

    Long-term reporting

    A look at The Investment Associations Long Term Reporting Guidance.

  • books-dark-green

    MiFID II - will you be overlooked?

    We take a look at the MiFID II initiative and what this can mean for you and your reporting.

  • books-blue

    FRC's letter to investors

    A super summary of the FRC's Letter to Investors.

  • financial-light-blue

    Business model reporting — achieving an equilibrium

    An insight into how we create an equilibrium between oversimplification and content overload for our clients business models.

  • financials-dark-green

    Gender pay gap legislation

    A short summary on the recently launched legislation on reporting about gender pay gaps.

  • graphs-green

    The FRC's conduct committee announce changes to reviewing procedures

    A short summary of the committee's new guidelines for reviewing corporate reports.

  • digital-blue

    What will the future of digital corporate reporting look like?

    We take a look at the importance of digital corporate reporting and how to develop your report across various platforms.

  • branding-light-blue

    Empowering women in the workplace

    We take a look at the current gender balance and how you can empower women in the workplace.

  • awards-dark-green-new

    Writing content for the web

    We provide some useful top tips on how to write concise, authentic and useful content for the web.

  • books-light-blue

    The importance of uncovering your story

    A closer look at the importance of storytelling

  • cogs-blue

    Are you using the right tools for your annual report?

    Utilising collaborative project management tools to create engaging annual report projects

  • branding-light-blue

    What's the optimum length for your corporate video?

    Using video to communicate your key messages effectively

  • graphs-blue

    IPO activity and trends

    A look at IPO activity in 2016 and trends for 2017.

  • ESG-light-blue

    Task force on climate-related financial disclosures

    An overview of the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures.

  • ESG-blue

    Communicating purpose beyond profit

    Looking beyond the financial and communicating the heart of your company.

  • financials-blue

    Year end advice from the Financial Reporting Council

    A super summary of the FRC report.

  • branding-blue

    Building a good reputation

    The importance of managing your reputation

  • ideas-green

    The latest on Brexit and corporate reporting

    An update on the Brexit process and what this means in relation to Annual Reporting.

  • ESG-dark-green

    Is the Internet a place and why does it matter?

    Why you should pay attention to user experience

  • cogs-dark-green

    The process of making a remarkable project

    Why a robust process can make life easier.

  • houses-light-blue

    Contributing to the world's well-being

    A look at environmentally conscious printing and the FSC.

  • ideas-blue

    Does social media have a place in investor communications?

    Can social media add value to your investor communications?

  • branding-dark-green

    The development of video as a communication tool

    We explain the benefits of capturing and sharing videos via social media.

  • reporting-dark-green

    The Modern Slavery Act

    We take a look at the reporting requirements of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

  • cogs-dark-green

    Brexit - what’s next?

    What Brexit could mean for your reporting.

  • reporting-blue

    Fair, balanced and understandable

    We take a closer look at how reports can be fair, balanced and understandable.

  • books-dark-green

    Telling a cohesive story

    We take a look at the running order of annual reports in the FTSE 100.

  • cogs-green

    The viability statement

    We take a further look at the viability statement.

  • collaboration-green

    Culture coalition

    A look at the Financial Reporting Council's Culture Project.

  • ideas-dark-green

    Social media for the social good

    How social media could help you communicate CSR activities.

  • reporting-blue

    The EU Referendum and annual reporting

    We take a look at how the EU referendum will affect annual reporting.

  • collaboration-blue

    Gender pay reporting

    We take a look the current levels of reporting and what will change from 2018.

  • ESG-green

    COP 21 and the annual report

    What could the Paris summit mean for annual reporting?

  • graphs-light-blue

    FTSE 100 marketplace review

    We look at how the FTSE 100 communicate their marketplace and what makes an exceptional read.

  • awards-blue-new

    What makes an award-winning FTSE 250 report?

    We take a look at the key themes in award-winning FTSE 250 reports.

  • awards-green-new

    What makes an award-winning small cap report?

    We take a look at the key themes in award-winning Small Cap reports.

  • digital-dark-green

    Online annual reports - the way forward

    Our think team explore the best way to present your Annual Report online.

  • awards-green-new

    The key to a successful project

    We take a look at the key components to planning a successful project.

  • cogs-green

    Value beyond the financial

    How the business model can help demonstrate the sustainability of a company into the long term.

  • ideas-green

    What AIM companies can do to improve their annual reports

    We take a look at some quick wins for improving your report.

  • design-blue

    The relationship between content and design: It's complicated

    We review why close collaboration between designers and consultants matters.

  • ESG-blue

    Shortcomings in AIM reporting habits

    What pieces of the puzzle are missing in AIM Company reporting.

  • analysis-blue

    Introducing wireframes

    Why structuring your document, focussing on content can help move your report forward.

  • branding-dark-green

    EU shareholder rights directive

    We take a look at the draft amendments to the EU Shareholder Rights Directive.

  • ideas-light-blue

    EU directive on non-financial reporting

    We explore the changes to the EU Accounting Directive covering non-financial reporting.

  • houses-green

    Reporting on the future of climate change

    Paris 2015 will see governments meet to agree on measures to limit climate change to 2℃.

  • books-blue

    Mind the gap

    With the most radical change in remuneration reporting for over a decade, clarity is key.

  • design-blue

    Creativity in corporate reporting

    Within an Annual Report there are many key design factors, none more so than colour.

  • ESG-light-blue

    Combating climate change

    We report on the new guidelines to disclose carbon emissions