Our Purpose

We help people make good long-term decisions, by making business understandable, through memorable storytelling.

Our Vision

A world where bad decisions, through poor communication, no longer exist.

Our Mission

Every product we create has to be more understandable than its predecessor, enabling better decision-making.

Our Values

We are:
Insightful, Courageous, Honest and Supportive.

Customer focus
We are focused on understanding the requirements so listen to clients’ current and future needs enabling us to build a solution to meet their expectations. We will always live our values of being Insightful, Courageous, Honest and Supportive.

We look to develop people who contribute towards creating and maintaining a working environment that is positive, innovative and constructive. As leaders, we will always be selfless and approachable, looking for ways to inspire.

Engagement of People
A great workplace comes from great people. We help each other to be great - enabling us to focus on corporate storytelling to help people make good decisions. We care about our clients and the environment and will always question actions that are inconsistent with our values.

Process Approach
Good process design helps talented people get more done; our creativity and our innovation should simplify and enable people. We are systematic and follow process in a self-disciplined and responsible way.

We have the courage to question prevailing assumptions and suggest better approaches. We invest time to simplify; addressing root causes rather than symptoms. We will always strive to be the best, benchmarking where possible.

Evidence Based Decision Making
We seek evidence in decision making, using quantitative, qualitative and experience metrics in a balanced way. We look to record information in a timely and accurate manner.

Relationship Management
If we are unable to deliver using our own resources we will look to partner those who demonstrate the same standards as we do. To support them we will always treat our partners as colleagues, working together to deliver excellence.

Where possible we meet the requirements of other stakeholders and our social, environmental, charitable, regulatory and legislative responsibilities.

We have produced quality objectives which relate to this policy and they can be found in our Quality Objectives document.


Reviewed 16-12-2020