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With growing demands in the marketplace to report on sustainability, and with XP Power committing to long-term sustainable growth for their own stakeholders, a key objective for the 2018 report was to map their operations against a sustainability framework. 

In order to ensure that this year's report reached a wide variety of stakeholders, it was important to tailor certain elements to aid their understanding whilst using the most appropriate medium. An importance was therefore placed on explaining the complex power systems that they’re involved in, using both printed and online formats to execute this. 

Although not needing to adhere to the principles this year, XP Power wanted to demonstrate their commitment to good governance, reflecting key principles of the UK Corporate Governance Code. 


To begin their sustainability journey, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals were mapped against, aligning XP Power’s operations to the most relevant and appropriate goals by elaborating and linking to further content. This information has been woven throughout the report, with creativity bringing this new aspect of the report to life. 

To bring governance to the forefront, infographics and content were used to reflect the new code, and ensured that this content was digestible for all stakeholders.

Innovative, engaging design and innovation have been used throughout the report to bring the entire story to life. ‘Our products are all around us - powering critical systems everywhere’ is a great example of how this has been achieved - using an interactive animation, allowing the user to delve deeper into the information on how XP Power impact on everyday life at their own pace. 

The business model has been created to work in both print and online. Extra detail and elaboration has been added using a flap on the printed report adding an extra dimension to both the content and design. Online this has been reflected in an interactive format giving all audience groups the opportunity to get to grips with XP Power as a whole. 


The document is accessible both online and in print and therefore effectively targets all stakeholders and creates a seamless transition between both mediums. An engaging and informative report that uses creativity to bring their story to life. 

The introduction of SDGs to this year's Annual Report really kick-starts their sustainability journey.

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