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we think.

United Utilities’ aim was to improve and adapt their previous annual report to ensure that this years report communicated aspects of the business effectively. They wanted to establish key market information to inform their stakeholders on their performance and their current and future value.

The content and design within the report was simple and clear. Extra information was developed on additional pages and explained in greater detail to provide the ‘in depth’ readers with the information that they require.

Each aspect of their current and future plans was described in detail and broken down into time periods to give a clearer picture moving forwards.

we design.

The United Utilities brand underwent a refresh in 2016, with the new look, feel and tone of voice underlining their friendly, down-to-earth approach to all their external communications. It was extremely important that the design and layout of the print and online Annual Report reflect this new approach, so the Jones and Palmer team worked closely with the client throughout the project to ensure that we maintained a positive, inclusive connection between brand and audience.

The design and layout of the report showcased a clear and accessible hierarchy of information and used icons, colour coding and infographics to allow different key audiences to locate information easily. The recurring use of the colours of the three strategic pillars helped integrate strategic information within the report in key areas such as Value creation, KPIs, Risk, Board activities and Remuneration. This not only provided continuity through the report but also helped demonstrate the joined up strategic thinking.

we publish.

The online report continued the connection with the new brand, with strong imagery, iconography and pullout messaging highlighting the company’s offering and framing their key messages to the audience. 

The report constitutes a rich document for shareholders, providing an in depth view of the company’s future strategy and its people.