Investing for growth

we think.

The focus for this year’s report was to improve the content of the Strategic Report and ensure that the business model, strategy, risks and the performance content gave shareholders true insight into the company, its past performance, current operations and future plans.

The process began with a review of the previous years report and areas of focus for this year's report. A revised business model was created that clearly showed the value proposition of Trifast to OEM assemblers. Strategy was explored with a focus on the future for each of the strategic pillars with targets disclosed for each of the KPIs. The strategic report is built heavily on best practice and ensured that people were a key feature of the report. The document showcased more than just the board, including people from all over the business.

we design.

The report this year looked to utilise a unique full wrap around cover to house both the strategic report and the Annual Report. The logo highlights their people and shows them as the heart of the business. 

With the online report, the homepage gives users an overview of the key sections of the report including the business model and Corporate Responsibility sections. There is also added interactivity on the homepage through slider images.


we publish.

The finished report is represented online through a full HTML responsive site and in print through a strategic report and full annual report that are enclosed in a wrap around cover.

Signposting and navigation are featured heavily in both the printed and online reports to make sure that users can find information easily. An interactive glossary online helps users to navigate some of the more specific terminology associated with the sector.