Tissue Regenix

Tissue Regenix are a pioneering, international medical technology company. 

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The Tissue Regenix Story

After heavily developing their corporate messaging in the previous report, this year’s document needed to ensure a consistent level of reporting around business developments. With a tight timeline in place, the report needed to ensure a cohesive story while also being developed quickly with high levels of control. Changes in the business had occurred throughout the financial year and the report needed to convey the company’s strengths, innovative technology and their progress during that time period.

Our Approach

As with the previous year, the project kicked off with a wireframe that helped map out key sections of the report, developed in conjunction with the Tissue Regenix team, ensuring a cohesive flow of information.

Several key infographics were developed to help illustrate the company’s development over the past year, and with the story of the company clearly positioned the year before, the content and document flowed with ease.

With tight deadlines to hit for this project, Tissue Regenix needed to ensure a greater level of control over the whole process. With the ability to work closely with the team at Jones and Palmer they were able to turn around proofs quickly. With the Jp team firmly on board with the corporate story they were able to provide an added level of comfort to the company and combined with the ability to print in-house, the final deadline was met.

The report builds on the development of the brand from the previous report, utilising clean designs and infographics to showcase the different divisions of the business such as Wound Care, Orthopaedics and Cardiac, with operational reviews tailored to both Wound Care and Orthopaedics included within the document.

In summary, the report tells a cohesive story of a fast growing business and was turned around with a quick timeline.