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we think.

For this year’s Annual Report, it was important for Ocado to provide a comprehensive document, drawing together the two key stories of the company their online grocery store and their intellectual property. A review of the previous year’s report highlighted areas of improvement and after gathering information from the investment community on their opinion of the company, a wireframe document was created to help content owners write in a clear and succinct manner.

Key areas of the report such as the business model, marketplace and strategy were explored in depth to ensure that all were clearly explained to the reader through engaging content and graphics.

we design.

With lots of important information being conveyed in the document, the design was used as a key narrator tool. Graphics and illustrations were used to showcase key elements of the report such as governance and strategic iconography was used to to help describe the process of managing risk.

Transparency was a key factor in the report and the design helped to showcase clearly the different sections of the report, especially the remuneration section. Signposting also either helps the reader take a short journey through to the main points or provides the opportunity to explore in greater detail, creating a flow through the document both online and in print.

we publish.

Ocado wanted to create a printed and digital Annual Report that flowed well and provided an engaging experience to stakeholders. To do this, the online Annual Report is not only printed but also a fully responsive HTML website that brings together not only key information but also rich media, in the form of an animated video to help ‘Explain Ocado’.