Hortons’ Estate is an independent, Birmingham-based property company with a substantial investment and development portfolio.

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With 2017 being a year to celebrate their 125th anniversary, a new site was launched to showcase their story and key corporate messages.

It needed to work well across all platforms and have a secure portal to allow shareholders access to confidential documents with ease. Navigation as a whole was a key aspect to be explored; the main challenge was to ensure that users were easily able to access key pages. Key design aspects also needed to be developed to showcase the company's portfolio through bold imagery and an interactive map of assets.

The ability to update the site on a continuous basis was also an important consideration to ensure contemporary information would be available. With a core team working behind the scenes, they needed to update the site quickly and with ease.


The homepage was designed to highlight key aspects of the company. A slider was created to show some of the company’s property portfolio with their key messages highlighted underneath.

The value of Hortons’ property portfolio needed to be showcased across the entire website, but also shown clearly within an interactive map. The map clearly showcases their property portfolio across the country with a filter used to refine these by region and type. Underneath this interactive map, a description of each property, as well as downloadable content for each, is made available. A secure portal was also designed to allow shareholders to enter via a login page to access essential information and documents.

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The shareholder section of the website is clear and provides useful links and descriptions to allow for an improved user experience.

The new navigation provides a clear view of the content on the site and new imagery is used to bring the story to life. The site allows for its audience to clearly understand who Hortons’ are and the value they bring to their market through their property portfolio, while celebrating the company’s milestone achievement.

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