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we think.

This year’s report needed to create a concise, consistent message which developed their investor communications further. Many of their current investors are retail focused and therefore their report needed to deliver information on market trends.

Information has been gathered to provide a detailed explanation into how Halfords generate value for their stakeholders, including how they hold a competitive advantage in the market and how they have accomplished this.

In order to develop an in-depth explanation to the key corporate responsibility requirements, case studies have been integrated into the report.

we design.

The homepage provides the reader with a powerful introduction to the company and also what they do. The overall design has provided a fast modern interface.

Navigation was key in the design of this report to enable users to access the information with ease. This has been supported by the introduction of swipe and tap gestures online so that headlines that are not of any interest to the reader can be passed and skipped. Signposting was also a key factor in the navigation of the report to ensure that readers could find the information and data that was required.

we publish.

The annual report is available in print and via a fully accessible HTML website that can be accessed on all devices including tablet and mobile and has also been provided as a print document. All PDFs can be downloaded directly from the online report and a PDF builder has been integrated to enable users to build their own compilation of information from the report.