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The focus of this year’s annual report was to communicate the group’s simplified strategy, ensuring there was a clear balance between the streamlined approach and ensuring readers had a clear understanding of the group’s direction. This was the company’s new CEO’s first full annual report cycle so it was imperative to get across the company’s new direction in a clear, concise manner. This was achieved via the use of a wireframe and consultation from the Jones and Palmer think team throughout the duration of the project.

we design.

The design this year was changed largely due to the different size of the printed report itself, going from an A4 book to a ‘comic book’ size to highlight cost-effectiveness. The design also featured a new infographic style, implemented to get across the company’s key information in a clear and engaging way for the reader. The year in review was styled in accordance with the printed report, with the infographics transferring well to web.

we publish.

Electrocomponents opted for a printed annual report, a year in review and an updated corporate video. The year in review was built in partnership with Electrocomponent's in-house digital team and is a key component of the investor section on their corporate website. Whilst only minor tweaks were necessary for the video, editing it ensures that stakeholders are kept up to date on the activities of the group and their new strategy.