Ceres Power

Ceres Power are a fuel cell technology and engineering company who are looking to embed their cutting-edge SteelCell™ into the power products of world-leading manufacturers.

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'Ceres Power's recently launched corporate website offers and intuitive and innovative experience for users, thanks to a visually striking design, embedded video content and a wealth of engaging copy, developed by Jones and Palmer.'

Silver Award- Best corporate website: AIM/small cap

Judging panel for the Corporate and Financial Awards 2017

The Ceres Power Story

The company are looking to raise awareness around several areas of the business. Their two main focuses are around a positive change in leadership and strategy that is attracting world-class customers, and the multi-billion dollar opportunities that their SteelCell™ technology can access in the global energy markets.

Their technology offers a unique opportunity as it allows for power to be generated through a wide range of fuels — both sustainable and conventional — with a high level of efficiency. With the Government soon to release an industrial strategy that acknowledges the importance of new energy technologies, the omission of fuel cells from the initial consultation inspired Ceres to highlight the importance of their unique technology.

Our Approach

At the start of the project, knowing that driving retail investment was a key aim for the company, we looked at mapping out approaches for different user personas. This led into exploring user journeys for each persona, identifying key information, the hierarchy of this information and what the focus should be, allowing for the development of a comprehensive site map.

With new leadership in place, the company has experienced a high level of success, so a key feature of the website was to showcase the new leadership team and their performance so far, highlighting key members of the team.

The site is very visually striking and looks to showcase the global nature of the business through the use of bold imagery throughout. The iconography introduced to the site highlights the different applications of their technology and will be filtered into other Ceres Power media.

The site is fully responsive and was designed mobile first to ensure that the content was optimised for all screens, with rich media and a vast range of videos around key pieces of information, such as their technology, the company story and an investor update, are all housed directly on the company homepage, as well as throughout the site.

The site is focused heavily on interacting with their users with a clear newsletter sign-up and links to social channels at the footer of the page offering users the opportunity to engage further with the company.