Arix Bioscience

Arix invests in innovative Life Science companies.

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The Arix Story

Starting up just two years ago and listing last year, this year has continued to see rapid growth in which seven new investments have been made. The main aim is to provide support to young developing life science companies and invest in their potential.

As an example, Aura Biosciences, one of these new investments, targets ocular melanoma, a rare and aggressive eye cancer which represents a significant unmet need. Aura is creating a new class of therapies that can pinpoint solid tumours without harming surrounding tissue, enabling targeted treatment across a wide range of cancers.

It was important to communicate this year's success and investment case to the main audience who range from professional investors, to doctors who support their work, to individuals who have been affected by diseases that these companies are looking to cure.

Arix Bioscience Annual Report Spread


The content and design of this years report needed to both highlight new investments made this year and ensure that the report was consistent with the brand style.

To provide an overall visually engaging report, full-page images were used throughout and the use of white space ensures that it follows a clean design. Case studies based on new investments follow this thread, using full-page imagery and a top-level overview to enhance the clean, engaging design.

The business model ensures that the investment proposition is clearly communicated and incorporates case studies to allow stakeholders to see the model in action.