Arix Bioscience

Arix Bioscience plc is a recently listed global healthcare and life science company focused on the sourcing, financing, development and commercialisation of innovative technologies and discoveries.

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The Arix Bioscience Story

The company was newly formed and listed on the London Stock Exchange Main Market in February 2017. They have a unique approach, investing much needed capital in small innovative businesses which they help to develop with close collaboration from their Executive Directors and Business Development team. They invest capital in companies at different stages of the development process, aiming to provide a more balanced portfolio and faster returns than typical life science investors. In their first report they wanted to clearly establish who they are and their innovative approach, alongside an understanding of their investment proposition.  

Our Approach

As this was the company’s first report, minimal content around the company existed. The Think team therefore looked carefully over the IPO prospectus and Investor presentations in order to pull together a suggested wireframe of content for the report.

This wireframe was able to demonstrate the suggested structure of the content within the Report to the team at Arix. It provided an opportunity to explore areas for infographics, that the company could go on to use in other media, and located areas where additional reportage style imagery of the board may be needed, which was then undertaken by our in-house photographer.

Key areas of content were developed from this wireframe including a business model that showcases the different areas of the company’s proposition. There is also a Q&A with the CEO section included which explains the company’s story so far and the vision of the company moving forward. Examples of infographics for the governance section were provided to the Arix team for them to take on board, which was then discussed and developed further. Additionally copy smoothing was provided to ensure that the tone of voice throughout the report was consistent as there were multiple authors.

Within this report, initial brand considerations from Arix were included through the logo and the gradient colouring. This was then developed by the team at Jones and Palmer into a suite of assets for the company including the use of distinctive life science imagery within the colour spectrum of the brand as well as a style for infographics. The report benefited from lots of white space to highlight the content and a mood board and style guide were created for Arix to use in other communications in the future.

The final product is a concise and confident first report for the company showcasing their investment proposition, their journey so far and their vision for the future.