Why should you review your report?

When looking at your Annual Report, do you see it as an obligation exercise or are you looking to expand on best practice and add that something extra?

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While obligation-based reporting has merit, if you want to incorporate best practice into your Annual Report for a greater user experience, why not undertake a review of your document? Using IR Society best practice recommendations, Financial Reporting Council guidelines and our own knowledge, we can help you do just that.

So what can reviewing your report do?

  • Help you benchmark your efforts and look at options to improve through best practice.
  • Help you effectively communicate your key messages to stakeholders.
  • Create a great annual report.

Taking it back to the beginning, think about your objectives for your Annual Report. Look to your peers and set benchmarks, communicate your value proposition and address your audience clearly. Ensure there is a level of transparency and review whether you have covered all legislative ‘bases’.

Thinking about it all at once can be slightly overwhelming. This is why we look at all the key areas of your report and take into consideration the information presented to your audience. Not only does this show any potential areas for concern but also creates a dialogue for us to discuss the aims of the report and how to take it to the next level, which can include in depth wireframes.

So while you may not want to take on everything at once, this can provide a long term plan for improving your Annual Report. To find out more, get in touch.