What's the optimum length for your corporate video?

Using video is a great way to communicate your messaging through your corporate website or online annual report, but is there an ideal length that can capture your viewers attention?

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Previously, the decision on the length of a video has been linked very closely with the cost. Longer videos tend to be more expensive than those that are shorter, to both produce and broadcast. But, does paying more for these types of videos lead to more attention?

Google and Mondalez, the international food manufacturer, recently conducted a series of tests to determine optimum Youtube advertisement length. The experiment features adverts of 3 different lengths: 15 seconds long, 30 seconds long and over 2 minutes long. The balance of brand mentions, product and storylines varied between them all, with the videos measuring numerous factors including how long people watched them for and at which point the videos were stopped.

From this research, they found that both of the longer videos were the most popular, watched for a longer amount of time, with viewers less likely to skip them before proceeding to watch another video. The research particularly highlights the popularity of the 30 second advertisement. By using the longer advertisement the brand were able to create a stronger connection and relationship with the viewer, resulting in clearer messaging.

Another important aspect of this research is brand visibility. How often you should place your brand messages and logos etc within the video and how early they should first appear. This is a common challenge for brands when communicating via video.

So what does this mean for your corporate communications? Using video as part of your corporate communications strategy attracts stakeholder attention and allows for large amounts of information to be distilled into short, informative videos that can be placed at various points across your online communications. Why not take on board some of the ideas from this study in audience participation. Look to have some slightly longer videos but still try to keep things concise, keeping your messaging clear. You can always trial different styles to see what engages your audience the most.

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