Using data to improve user experience

Understanding how your users interact with your site to provide a greater experience. 

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Data is collected in most of your interactions on the internet, from the purchases you make to your choice of show on demand. In an increasingly digital universe companies are able to collect more insights than ever before on customers through analytics and big data.

Users judge you on the experience you provide for them - is your website navigation intuitive? Is it clear what you do, who you are? An interesting take on this is the concept of Code Halos from Ben Pring, Paul Roehrig, and Malcolm Frank at Cognizant. A Code Halo looks at ‘the code that companies, brands, employers, and partners can use to enhance their understanding of people or objects’ while the halo is ‘the data that accumulates around people, devices, and organizations’. Using a combination of social, mobile, and analytics, businesses are able to provide personalised experiences that can be applied to products and services for a large number of customers.  

Understanding this concept allows you to see the importance that should be placed on your user's interactions with your site. Getting to grips with the data you collect can help you to see what areas your users are interested in or where they typically leave your site, it can transform your site into a more personal experience, engaging customers with a remarkable service. It’s not an easy or a quick fix but understanding your customers can inform your content across your suite of media and lead to lasting relationships.

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