Use of video in the FTSE 100

We looked at how the FTSE 100 use video, a high impact, rich media.

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When exploring new mediums for your corporate communications, it’s always best to have the facts in front of you. With this in mind we looked at how the FTSE 100 use video, a high impact, rich media.

We found in our initial review of the 100 companies, that 95 utilise video in their communications. 73 companies embedded the video in relevant areas of their corporate website, while 33 utilise YouTube to house video content and 39 use corporate sites to highlight webcasts.

While this information is useful to highlight the high volume of video content used in those companies, we dug a little deeper to see if we could highlight trends.


  • Some companies highlight results webcasts for several years for both Interim and Annual Reports.
  • Others highlight the availability of results webcasts but only allowed access to registered users.
  • Few companies only featured the most recent webcast.
  • Video interviews with board members are also used in some companies to further discuss and explain results.


  • Links to YouTube channels from corporate websites are mainly through homepage and footer buttons.
  • Some YouTube channels have several playlists for different types of content while some channels are purely corporate based.
  • Videos are utilised for corporate overviews of the company or to review sections of the report/interview the board.

Video trends

  • Many companies have media sections on their website housing all video content.
  • Others use video to frame relevant content.
  • Videos are also used to showcase corporate social responsibility issues.
  • Interviews with directors help to further review different areas of reports and provide transparency for investors.
  • Many companies use video to highlight their values and give a behind the scenes look at operations.

There are a variety of uses of video in the FTSE 100, but the key takeaway is that video can be used to highlight key areas of your message. For every company, the use of video will be different because it has to be about how it can add value.

To find out more, take a look at how you can use video in your corporate communications or get in touch to see how we can help.