Understanding User Experience

As someone who classes themselves as not very digitally savvy, I thought I would find it hard to understand what all the various terms associated with digital storytelling actually mean. 

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UX, UI, HTML, all sounded like made up terms, but I soon learned that these terms weren’t scary, and they were extremely important. Any project, not only digital, has to fully understand your audience needs and properly implement them.

Getting back to basics our focus in this article is on UX, which stands for User Experience. This focuses on the quality of the experience a person has when interacting with your site or app, allowing the user to logically get from A to B. It looks to minimise the time people will need to understand your site and allow them to easily interpret and use your site to get to the specific area they want.

Implementing an effective UX can include a number of factors. First, the use of fictional user personas is beneficial as it enables you to narrow down your target audience. Secondly, before product development it is worth implementing usability testing. This focuses on gaining feedback on how people actually behave with your product- rather than how they think they will behave. Finally, after product development, examining the analytics is vital. By examining the qualitative and quantitative data it allows you to analyse visitor traffic and gain a complete picture of your audience and their needs which, in turn, drives continual improvement.

Overall, terms like UX can no longer be on the peripheral edge of your company’s communications. They need to be understood, they need to be appreciated, and most importantly, they need to be implemented effectively. To find out more about how we can help, please get in touch and talk to a member of our team.