Tools of the trade

An investor relations project can be a long road filled with twists and turns. Close collaboration is essential, and with multiple stakeholders and potentially numerous locations involved, technology is crucial to achieving great results.

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By combining the best software with processes and expertise, our range of online tools enable clients to be up to date with their projects and as hands on as they require.

Secure Project Portal

Basecamp, our secure project portal, houses all information and related assets in one place, offering reliability, functionality and a full 360 degree view of a project. All dates, files and correspondence are accessible via the online platform, ensuring everyone involved is aware of the current status and overall timeline, allowing any new users to quickly get up to speed.

Self Edit

Our online editing system allows remote access to documents, allowing you to make changes yourself. With a dedicated in-house support team and full training and documentation provided to all new users, the system is easy to use and the fastest way for our clients to change their document.

Online Mark-up

If a number of decision-makers need to review a document, ProofHQ, our online mark-up tool, allows multiple users to simultaneously add their comments to a single central proof. Linked to Basecamp to keep all resources in one place, this saves times by removing the requirement to circulate documents and collate responses.

The benefits shared by all these tools are that no software installations are needed, all platforms are accessible online 24/7, and extended support available on request.

We’re always keen to work face to face but, with these tools in place, we’re confident that your projects are never compromised when that isn’t possible.