The key to a successful project

Here at Jones and Palmer we know that not only do our clients want a great product at the end of a project, they also want a smooth journey along the way. We’ve highlighted a few key components to make sure this journey is as pain free as possible.

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All of our project timetables are totally bespoke to our clients’ needs. They contain all the granular details that are key to giving the project a successful framework for both the client and our internal team. All of our work is done in-house, from concept to completion, this means we can adapt to even the trickiest of timescales. As a project manager this certainly gives us more tools to work with and allows us to plan the project down to the last detail.


Effective communication is the bedrock of any successful business endeavour, particularly one with tight timescales like the production of an Annual Report. Our project management team take a proactive approach to communication, both with our clients and with our colleagues. All of our client teams schedule regular calls with clients during the course of a project to ensure that momentum never falters. Internally, communications are clear and efficient and as well as the project managers, the wider studio team also proactively question and challenge content that may contravene best practice or the overall message of a report.


We are lucky to have a wide array of skill sets in-house that makes the lives of project managers and our clients much easier. Our team is made up of proactive individuals with a strong base of investor relations knowledge. From mastery of the Adobe suite to a wide array of digital skills, the tools at the disposal of our project managers are second to none. When you combine a positive, customer-focused attitude together with these kind of skill sets, our customers get great products, along with a smooth journey through the course of the project.

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