The importance of uncovering your story

As one of the oldest forms of communication, stories have been used to connect people, share ideas and explore our past, present and future for thousands of years. 

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Some of the earliest known stories were chronicled in caves all over the world, including the Lascaux Caves in France, whose paintings are believed to be over 20,000 years old. You may associate the idea of a story, as a purely fictional entity, yet stories are the most common and engaging forms of communication.

Bringing this in line with more of a business focus, your company has a story to tell, everyone does. It could be the tale of where you originated, it could be what you stand for, your reason for existing, or it could explore where you want to be in the future. Your annual report, alongside your wider corporate communications channels, serve as chapters of your story, keeping your stakeholders informed of your continuing narrative.

So why are stories so important? Multiple scientific research reports, over time, have looked at the psychological and neurological effect a story has on our brains. It is said, that while facts and figures may be retained and understood, using storytelling techniques engages more areas of the brain. This not only helps us to understand and engage with what we are being told, but ensures we retain that information by placing ourselves within the story itself, giving us a greater emotional attachment.

Providing descriptive, well thought-out content in your reports and websites showcases a more robust view of what you are trying to communicate, and builds a picture around your story or key messages. It allows your stakeholders to understand you on a greater level and form strong connections.

Understanding the importance of what makes your company unique and communicating that effectively can help you to engage with your stakeholders on a greater level. We believe that communicating your story well, can help to clarify your communications and give your content purpose. To find out how we can help, talk to a member of our team.