The FRC's Conduct Committee announce changes to reviewing procedures

On the 3rd April 2017, the FRC’s Conduct Committee announced that there would be some minor changes to their operating procedures for reviewing corporate reporting, after a phase of public consultation.

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The names of companies who have been reviewed by the FRC will now no longer be anonymous. To increase transparency in the review, the Conduct Committee will publish the names of the companies they include, once the cases are closed. As part of the annual review, companies who are included will be highlighted in an announcement to the press, with the Conduct Committee notifying companies a minimum of 24 hours prior to the announcement.

They will continue to provide information about the quality and effectiveness of individual company’s reports and details will continue to be announced regarding any overarching problems identified - although names will not be published alongside these.

This is now in effect after launching on the 1st April.

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