The development of video as a communication tool

In many markets, both video and social media are proving to be extremely important tools in many marketing and wider communications campaigns.

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Video has provided companies with the opportunity to communicate clearly, quickly, creatively and transparently with their audience. They can be used to both educate and entertain, for example, they can help enhance awareness of services, launch new products or provide thought leadership pieces that showcase knowledge and expertise.

The majority of internet users, especially when looking at a video or social media audience, will be primarily mobile first. They will be people on the go who are easily distracted, so any content you put out for consumption must be clearly defined, with key messages communicated quickly and transparently.

A major trend for video is housing it directly within social media feeds. A great example of this is Instagram. Instagram’s user base is ever increasing and attracts wide reaching brands looking to showcase their services, their work, culture and people to a wider audience. According to the company, the amount of time that people spend watching videos on the platform has increased by 40% in the last 6 months.

In recent months they have taken steps to compete with other social platforms with the extension of video playback to 1 minute and the introduction of Stories.

By having these longer videos and also the story option, brands are able to communicate their messages in new and creative ways. You can introduce new products, showcase your values, people and culture and still create a narrative - either within a fully formed video or short updates that tell a wider story.

With so many options available now to brands, the market can seem overwhelming. Take a step back and look at each platform and ask yourself do they fit in with your existing communications plans and do you have sufficient guidelines in place around your brand to experiment? Try out different styles and lengths to establish your optimal video style and length that embodies your brand and suits your target audience.

Video is said to be the future of content marketing and in 2017 is expected to account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic. 64% of marketers are expecting videos to be heavily included in their marketing strategies in the future and we see this trend developing in other communications, including in the corporate market.