The Benefits of Content Management Systems

The process of creating online communications can be tricky — specifically building and maintaining a website. Content Management Systems (CMS) exist to make this easier.

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Once you know what CMS stands for, you already have a good idea of what they do. A CMS makes it easy to update your website without having much technical knowledge. We use Umbraco, a CMS used by 90,000 sites around the world, from small business to global brands.

So why should you use a CMS?

  • Control. Content can be edited and published without needing to know HTML or any code. Enabling you to manage your content once the build is complete, without fear of affecting the design.
  • Collaboration. Work as a team publishing new content quickly and easily.
  • Remote access. Update your site from anywhere. Only a web browser needed.
  • Cost-effective. The maintenance of your site can be carried out by your team, making it cheaper and easier.
  • Security. Easy to divide up permissions in your team for creating and publishing.
  • Functionality. Dynamic feeds can be inserted into pages, such as financial calendars, timelines, report downloads, RNS, share price feeds, image galleries, contact forms... the list goes on.
  • Flexibility. We can customise your CMS to increase its capabilities and enhance the website.
  • Analytics. Make changes based on audience behaviour. Analytics can tell you what your visitors do.
  • Search Engine Optimisation. Well structured pages get ranked better by Google and other search engines.
  • Performance. Our CMS solution is fast so users aren’t frustrated.

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