Social Media for the Social Good

Giving away knowledge forces us to learn more, as well as helping us to be more creative and innovative.

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In recent times this has translated to social sharing, with many businesses utilising social media successfully, gaining loyal and engaged followers. These channels however are less commonly used for corporate messaging and even fewer companies are considering the use of social media to communicate their Corporate Social Responsibility story. Here we take a look at the potential for social media to help demonstrate purpose beyond profit.

Understandably, some organisations have reservations about communicating corporate information via social channels due to their inherently public nature. However, in this age of transparency, companies who are more open with their customers are getting ahead of the conversation and participating rather than reacting.

These online conversations can help share your company’s values and purpose, and celebrate CSR initiatives and activities with your stakeholders. Instead of the opportunities passing you by, you can take part, and help people understand the value your company brings to the world as a corporate citizen.

Without being held back by publishing schedules, or reflecting on past events, social media can facilitate instant sharing of CSR activities in real time. Current, exciting, proactive communications are far more likely to engage stakeholders, drive sharing and conversations, with the positive ripple effect ongoing rather than a one-time occurrence. Talking about CSR on social media can become second nature, and a regular point for contact between you and your engaged audience.

As well as generating a buzz, producing and sharing great social media CSR content can make your values and purpose tangible, and can help you maintain focus, clarity and innovation in your CSR activities.