Reviewing the FTSE 100

Our recent research project saw our Think Team review every FTSE 100 report from the most recent reporting cycle. Our aim was simple - to understand and identify the levels of best practice employed and observe any trends that occur. Some of them we liked, some of them we didn’t; some of the trends we anticipated, others not so much.

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As a Think Team we always want to be on top of the latest trends, keeping an eye on the movement of the market, ensuring we are constantly creating great corporate communications that not only suit our clients needs but are clear and consistent. This process not only helps with developing our offering but provides us with practical examples we can use to help our clients to understand what they can achieve with their reporting.

What we did

When doing any review, we focus on the three C’s of Content, Cohesion and Compliance. We review the report in front of us and compare it with best practice suggestions and then make appropriate recommendations depending on the client’s needs.

Therefore, as with any report, we broke down the FTSE 100 reports into nine sections that make up the strategic report:

  • Business Overview
  • Marketplace
  • Business Model 
  • Strategy
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Performance
  • Principal Risks and Uncertainties 
  • Sustainability 
  • Relationships and Responsibilities 

We then examined how well the content was communicated to the audience in each section, and analysed and compared our findings.

For each individual section we have collated our research into clear and concise data that outlines the objectives of each section, what trends we found and what our favourite examples were (be they best practice, quirky or generally outstanding!).

Keep an eye out for more information over the coming weeks, not only on our findings and how it can help you enhance your corporate reporting, but also our review of the AiM50. Until then, if you require any help with your corporate communications, get in touch with our team.