Reporting on your Gender Pay Gap

The topic of gender pay gaps and reporting on the matter is very much still at large.

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Figures show that an improvement has been made to ensure that there are more females on boards and within senior management, along with closing the gap on gender pay differences. But, according to the BBC, there is still a lot more room for improvement and developments to be made as a large number of companies are still yet to publish their figures. There is now an even greater amount of pressure to ensure that companies are reporting on this issue with Theresa May encouraging all to do so.

As ever, we believe that your annual report should be transparent, and reporting on your gender pay gap ties into this well.

You may be delaying reporting on this matter due to the worry of having any negative feedback or displeasing your stakeholders. But you should use this as an opportunity. An opportunity to get ahead of the game and discuss what it is that you’re doing to change your situation, how are you going to improve and move forward? Providing a clear action plan and following it will provide your stakeholders with clarity and trust knowing that you are providing honest information with steps to improve and follow guidelines.

So why wait for the April 2018 cut off date? Put your plan into action now.

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Take a look at this TED Talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie where the topic is based heavily on why it is so important to improve gender equality.