Project management- prepare, prepare, prepare

Robust project management is vital to completing projects on time and on budget. Nothing aids a project more than adequate preparation.

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Our integrated model and years of experience have helped us to collate some simple, tried and tested tips for completing Annual Report projects.

  • At the onset of a project, roles and responsibilities for all team members need to be clarified so everyone knows what part they will play. Confusion can lead to delays and tasks being missed.
  • Become familiar with online tools and receive any necessary training so that the team is ready to go when the project begins.
  • Planning the schedule for the whole project well in advance is important. Our experience in all stages of the project, particularly the complex manufacture and distribution process, is often useful to our clients. There are legal ramifications for failing to deliver an Annual Report on time, so the schedule is something that you can’t afford to fail at.
  • Having a pagination plan and rough word counts in place before copy is written will ensure you know what content you need and the space available for it.
  • The design should be signed off before content is entered to ensure consistency.

Once the project is in motion, project management is as much about reacting to changes or setbacks. From there, all you can do is prepare to be surprised.