Productivity in action

An industry-wide Productivity Action plan, recently launched by the Investment Association, aims to look at how long term investment can boost the UK economy.

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It follows on from recent reports on the state of UK productivity in relation to fellow G7 countries, where despite spending longer times at work, only a minority of people feel they are more productive.

Having been referenced by the Chancellor in his 2016 budget, the plan consists of five principal objectives which are underpinned by a series of measurable recommendations:

  1. Enhancing company reporting for efficient capital allocation
  2. Enhancing investor stewardship and engagement 
  3. Simplifying behavioural incentives and the investment chain
  4. Developing efficient and diverse capital markets
  5. Overcoming tax and regulatory impediments to the provision of long term finance.

It is hoped that this plan will combat “some of the most serious causes of short-term thinking in the British economy”.

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