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What type of content do you actively seek out when online and what engages you the most?

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Most people would think that a blog or article would be the most popular type of content people engage with but increasingly more and more people are choosing to seek out visual media, specifically video, with data showing that engagement in video content surpasses both imagery and text.

Since the launch of YouTube in 2005, video use has continued to grow online, and has developed over time from grainy home footage to a vast labyrinth of niche and mainstream libraries of content that users can easily access across multiple devices.

Why should you use video?

Not only is video good for your audience, it also translates into real returns for your company. Video has been proven to increase social media engagement, and due to the fact that most search engines class video as higher quality content, it often increase search engine rankings, therefore increasing your company’s digital presence.

There are also new updates in the world of social video, with live streaming services, creative media apps and direct engagement all becoming more commonplace. Exciting video applications include 360° video which creates an immersive experience for an ever expanding audience. Shoppable adverts and live streaming services are another expanding media. Periscope, a live streaming app, created an unexpected media storm earlier in the year, when at it’s peak, tens of thousands of people watched in amusement at people crossing a puddle in the North East of England. Not exactly an IR audience but an example of the power of video in capturing the attention of an audience.

The business case for video

Video can help create a level of transparency that copy can never achieve. It offers the audience a ‘behind the scenes’ look at a company, and it holds the opportunity to increase levels of trust and engagement when conveying your key messages. It’s also a succinct way of relating information to your audience in short digestible bites.

People actively search and consume more and more video everyday, Youtube alone sees users consuming hundreds of millions of hours of videos per day. So what is stopping you from joining in? For more information about how you could use video as part of your corporate communications strategy, talk to a member of our team.