New ways to communicate

New ways to communicate emerge constantly, with social being one that has grown at an exponential rate in recent years. New(ish) to the scene is the social investing platform, Stockr.

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Logging in via Facebook, users are invited to follow both companies and individuals in order to gain insight into investment rationales at some of the world’s largest companies.

A recent story that garnered much attention for the platform was a discussion set up by a senior biotechnology analyst moderating a Q&A between two companies - Thermogenesis and TotipotentRx - which were in the process of an intended acquisition.

Thermogenesis had announced its intention to acquire TotipotentRx and was using the platform as an opportunity to provide the investment community with unprecedented access, something usually reserved for professional analysts.

This example was summarised in an interview with the platform’s CEO Vinny Jandal, which can be found here, and shows the opportunities available for companies to become more transparent and talk to potential and current investors in a forum that is simple to use and specifically tailored to the investment audience.