Launch of Dechra’s Online Annual Report

We are delighted to announce that the 2011 Dechra Online Annual Report has gone live today. 

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The report follows the themes of the printed document in an equally easy to navigate manner with a homepage presenting the company key messages in the form of a jQuery Slider.  This enables graphical images to be accessible from a multi-platform basis, such as mobile, tablet and PC, is accessible by search engines and can be very easy updated directly by the client.

Key information is pulled through to the home page from the Highlights page on the site and references to other areas of the document have been hyper-linked for easy navigation. Each page has the facility for the end user to download and add PDFs to the print basket to customise their own report.

Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC (Dechra) is an international veterinary pharmaceutical business operating in European Pharmaceuticals, US Pharmaceuticals, Research and Development and Services.