Jones and Palmer delivers cutting edge Halfords site

The new Halfords Group website showcases photography, video and optimised functionality.

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Our latest corporate website has again raised the bar for Jones & Palmer’s online output. The Halfords Group website, which went live this week, offers a number of features and functionality to make it one of our most impressive corporate communications tools to date.

As part of their strategy to deliver a significantly-improved customer experience, initial discussions were held with the client in regards to creating an investor app.

However, having identified that their need was to provide investors with wide access to a current and intuitive data source featuring rich content, we recommended the creation of a new responsive website, which would offer everything that an app could, and more.

The site is optimised to work on multiple devices, including those with touch screens, while the design makes content easy to access and ensures the user experience is matched across all platforms.

Also featuring photography and video by our team, the site is now the go-to place for information about Halfords, and a great example of our expertise being used to understand the needs of a client and to deliver an advanced and complete solution.

Craig Marks, Head of Investor Relations at Halfords Group, commented:

“The creative and clear thinking of Jones & Palmer drove a fantastic result for our business as we continually strive to deliver our key messages and transparently outline our growth plans. The leading thinking of the team combined with their huge efforts to continually understand Halfords means we now have a corporate website that matches our ambitions.”